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8 Reasons to Trust Integrated Technology Systems
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We are a CLOUD FIRST company – as a Microsoft Partner and a leader in small business cloud technologies, we assess your unique challenges and architect the best cloud or hybrid environment to meet your evolving business needs. Our streamlined and flexible cloud solutions give users a consistent, secure experience for accessing company data from anywhere – meeting all regulatory compliance (NIST, HIPAA, SOX) and eliminating the security vulnerabilities of VPNs. We know these solutions as experts and as consumers; we deploy them for our own company and staff.


Cybersecurity is the backbone of our practice – and we continually refine our client security offerings as the cyber landscape evolves. We take a multi-layered approach to protecting your data and minimizing intrusions, including training your staff (your #1 vulnerability!), developing company policies and implementing mobile device management. We also assist our clients with 3rd party audits and their stringent requirements related to their industry needs.


Built-in Business Continuity – ITS NYC’s robust cloud solutions remove your IT infrastructure’s dependence on your office. You will never have your entire company down because of server failure, power issues, lack of office access or disasters. In the event of any kind of crisis, our business continuity plans and disaster recovery options get your business back up and running quickly.


Customizable VOIP Solutions – will reach you wherever you are; calls can be transferred smoothly within the office, to a softphone at home, or to your mobile device. When your staff is working remotely some or much of the time, seamless voice communication keeps your company productive and inspires confidence with your clients and business partners. With optional feature sets, reporting capabilities, vendor agnostic phones and integration into CRMs, we have options to fit your business.


Predictable Pricing Plans – we have comprehensive support contracts with clear, transparent pricing and after-hour/weekend coverage; there are no hidden fees. Any projects or equipment purchases are quoted in advance and must be pre-approved by the client, so no surprises.


Fast Information Flow – Your calls are answered by our dedicated dispatchers, your tickets are triaged within minutes and we provide regular communication updates for resolution. We want lots of client feedback, so in addition to client meetings to discuss your technology performance and your goals, we survey our clients after every incoming service ticket, and we steadily score between 98 and 100%.


Proactive and Process-Driven Efficiencies – ITS NYC has developed proven processes to proactively manage, monitor, and maintain your technology infrastructure, negating day-to-day issues and delivering consistent network uptime. We fix technical issues if they arise; our specialty is preventing them in the first place. Our dedicated documentation platform gives clients a seamless customer experience working with any engineer on the ITS NYC team.


Local Support and Global Reach – most of our clients have a location in the ITS NYC New York tri-state area; with our support technologies and partner networks we have extended our services to client offices across the country and to overseas locations, even continuing to support clients who have relocated from this area.

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Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

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IT Management

With ITS, we have a reliable and knowledgeable IT firm manage all aspects of the firm’s technology.  The level of system engineers are superior to our past experience. If you are looking for an IT firm, call Michael Coopersmith at ITS NYC – you won’t be sorry!

Catherine C Legal Services Firm

Cloud Solution

For an I.T. department with limited resources like ours, ITS has provided the expertise, the monitoring

and the support we needed for our entire organization. Their monitoring tools are superior to others; they provide the visibility to quickly identify and correct problems before they grow. ITS has provided us with the support we need from the individual sales rep laptop to a complex cloud based environment. They have been a full service provider.

John B Medical Technology Services

Are You a Sitting Duck?

Hackers use tools to "sniff" around online and find vulnerabilities that you aren’t even aware of, coming through back doors. It’s not safe to continue believing the narrative that “My company doesn’t have anything a hacker would want.” New malware threats are being released every day. SMB's are vulnerable because they are used to gain access to enterprise and large organizations. Stealing credit card and personal information to sell on the Dark Web, hackers also access money out of your company’s bank account.

Michael Coopersmith, Author - Sitting DuckHow better to describe an easy cybercrime target than a Sitting Duck? Sitting Ducks have been vulnerable prey from time immemorial. Cybercriminals, like most criminals, will first zero in on the easiest targets - Sitting Ducks. Unfortunately, cybercrime is not localized. Hacking into computers is a worldwide practice. It disrupts our businesses and social systems and often demands ransom payments in Bitcoin (or similar cyber-currency) that is virtually untraceable.

  • 23,775 complaints of BEC (Business Email Compromise) were filed with the FBI last year with losses resulting in $1.7 billion
  • Cybercrime has increased by 600% since the beginning of the global pandemic
  • The average payment following an attack is now north of $300K - up 171% since 2020
  • 40% of Ransomware now exhibits data extortion capabilities.
  • Ransomware downtime costs an average of $8,500/hour.
  • Ransomware claims a new victim every 14 seconds.

Author Michael Coopersmith, CEO of ITS NYC, leads his team of project managers and technicians, who are experts in providing reliable technology services to the small and mid-sized business community. Integrated Technology Systems serves as an outsourced IT department for law firms, accounting and financial firms, real estate companies, and a broad range of other industries. Their proactive monitoring technologies, remote remediation, onsite support, team approach, and flat-rate service plans maximize their clients’ network uptime while delivering predictable technology costs.

Retain ITS NYC to ensure your business isn’t a Sitting Duck for cybercriminals. We can protect your organization from devastating financial and social consequences that cybercriminals cause. Let us give you peace of mind!

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Michael Coopersmith was the kid who put all of his family's stereo components together. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the neighborhood’s first Commodore 64, and his first afterschool job included programming Lotus spreadsheets. He started his career as an accountant then merged his experience with business and technology to assist companies in expanding the potential of IT.

ITS NYC provides a range of hosting and cloud solutions to improve performance. Clients have access to leading business technology without considerable software and hardware expenses. ITS NYC’s remote and local backup solutions protect company data, minimize business risk, and enable quick recovery of lost or damaged data. They have an impressive track record for business continuity and disaster recovery; just one day after Superstorm Sandy, half of their clients were up, and all were restored within a week.

ITS NYC's experience with HIPAA compliance and other regulatory oversight makes them adept at helping clients maintain or exceed legal requirements related to data security. They also have tools that provide companies with enhanced control and oversight of data, while providing access for their users for data sharing and remote work capabilities.

ITS NYC’s clients view technology as an investment in productivity and efficiency. ITS brings the most effective IT tools available, customized to meet the specific needs of each client, and thus allows each to focus on running their core business.

When not working with his team and his clients, Michael travels to explore the outdoors with his family and runs regularly with his sons. He and his oldest son have completed six half marathons. They often run in support of Achilles International, in appreciation for all Achilles has done to support disabled athletes worldwide.