IT that works for you

Michael Coopersmith

Integrated Technology Systems is a complete IT solution provider that has been in business since 1994. Having the “right” technology in place improves a company’s overall efficiencies and marketplace performance. Employees are more productive, internal and external project collaboration is easier, and communication is enhanced with current technological tools.

Choosing the best technology for your work environment can be difficult since it is constantly evolving. A well-designed network infrastructure is secure and is scalable. The design of the network can mean the difference between being operational and being put out of business due to malware, ransomware, or some other kind of cyber security issue.

Why do businesses outsource their IT projects to ITS NYC?

  • Remote Enablement. The practice of remotely accessing information systems and ensuring optimal productivity and performance are crucial elements for today’s technology providers. ITS is well equipped to quickly secure devices in Remote Workforce (#WFH) initiatives. ITS offers our complete and unfailing commitment to each of our customers to make certain they can operate remotely.
  • Cybersecurity. When planning your IT and Security goals, our experts help you set baselines, assist with compliance, build a roadmap, and plan next steps with confidence. Regardless of which project, from Cloud Migration to Network Configuration, establishing baselines can be vital to successful deployment.  ITS stays ahead of Zero Day attacks, providing secure IT solutions and IT consulting to New York and the surrounding area. Small and medium size businesses appreciate the tools we use that are thought to only be accessible to larger organizations. Integrated Technology Systems proactively finds and secures network vulnerabilities. At ITS, the best defense is offense.
  • Communication. Our customers rate us extremely highly on our responsiveness. We do NOT keep our clients wondering where we are on the status of their issues. Our client satisfaction is proudly posted on our website in real-time.
  • Best Practices.We partner with the strongest and most innovative technology suppliers in the business, providing our clients with an arsenal of tools to help make their jobs easier. Whether we are integrating a Virtual Desktop solution, migrating from on-premise to the cloud, or the “business as usual” implementation of top-of-the line cybersecurity services, we offer tested applications so our clients receive the support they deserve.
  • Up-to-date Technologies. Staying on top of technology innovation isn’t quite enough. We are pioneers in IT support, leveraging innovation to solve business problems our clients face on a day-to-day basis. Challenge us with a business problem and we will find a qualified solution for you.
  • IT Managers love our Co-Managed Services. IT Managers are better equipped to complete projects on-time and within budget by drawing on our expertise and staff. From firewall administration to full network management, IT Managers utilize toolsets that provide for business efficiencies and higher levels of productivity.
  • Business Executives recognize the value of Managed IT Services. Because of their technical expertise or managerial role, IT functions are often left under the charge of a Business Owner, CFO, Office Manager, or other Business Executive. An outsourced IT department helps small and medium businesses thrive, allowing your key personnel to focus on their day to day operations instead of technology issues and network security, and keeping the infrastructure clear of ransomware, malware, and all other cybersecurity nightmares.

At Integrated Technology Systems, we have a team of knowledgeable experts ready to assist with IT projects, serve as your entire IT department, or something in between. Our organization is focused on customer satisfaction, providing IT services to NYC and across the country.