Managed IT Services

works perfectly for companies that do not have an on-staff IT department and for ones that need support.

  • Predictable Costs – our comprehensive support contracts provide clear, transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees with our services.
  • Ramped Up Productivity - we leverage technology to improve efficiencies and your bottom line.
  • Proactive Support - ITS' processes manage, monitor, and maintain your technology infrastructure, negating day-to-day issues and delivering consistent network uptime.

Co-Managed IT Services

For all the projects you need to get done but have difficulty with the allocation of resources or technician skillsets.

  • Firewall & Intrusion Detectionmonitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic based on previously established security policies.
  • Security Audit - we systematically evaluate the information systems security measuring how well it conforms to an established set of criteria.
  • Network Configuration - ITS will set network's controls, flow and operations, supporting the network communication of an organization.
  • Cloud & Data Migrationmoving your company's data and infrastructure from on-premise to off-premise (moving data, workloads, IT resources, and applications to the cloud).
  • Office 365 / Exchange Migration - Migrating user mailbox contents from a source email system to Microsoft 365 or Office 365.
  • Business Technology Processes Audit - Evaluating IT infrastructure for operations and policies usage of organization assets and the security of the associated data and data storage. Identify areas of improvement in the established IT infrastructure to help implement improved technology practices.
  • Project Management and Implementation - ITS can help with as much or all of IT projects as needed (planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring, and reporting).
  • Virtual CISO/CIO/CSO/CTO Service - Utilize ITS' top level engineers as your own. We help optimize an organization's value through technology. From negotiating vendor IT contracts to establishing IT policies, strategies, and standards, we help companies by providing recommendations to achieve aggressive results.
  • Hosted PBX & VoIP Installationconfigure and install your phone system to your exact specifications. Our team of technicians can assist you with getting your system up and running, and maintenance.
  • Office Moves & Relocation - We will visit your current location as well as your new location to conduct a detailed site survey. After the office move, all cables, and workstations will be in the correct place and operational for when the staff is back to work. 
  • Hardware InstallationIntegrated Technology Systems handles installation, configurations and testing of computers, servers, firewalls, and entire IT infrastructures.

Cyber Security Solutions

Integrated Technology Systems’ services enhance productivity while protecting your network. Secure network access enables remote employees to access company information quickly, easily, and reliably from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other mobile devices, without the risk of viruses, data interception, and other threats.

  • Malware / Ransomware
  • Spyware / Adware
  • Zero-Day / Zero-Hour Attacks
  • Hacker Attacks
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Data interception / Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • IT Security Services
  • Detailed Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Firewall Updates
  • Data Backup
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Vulnerability Remediation
  • External Vulnerability Assessments

Data Backup and Recovery Services

ITSNYC works with you to protect mission-critical data and develop a backup system that works with your budget and compliance requirements. Regardless of whether a local backup is all that’s needed, remote backup, or perhaps a hybrid approach is the best solution, we’ll help you determine the best path.

  • Plan for the Unexpected - Don’t wait for corporate data to disappear—stay ahead with proactive IT support services so that the unthinkable doesn’t happen to your organization.
  • Built-in Business Continuity - Robust cloud solutions remove your IT infrastructure’s dependence on your office. Never experience being down due to server failure, power issues, lack of office access, or disasters.
  • Safeguard Your Business - ITSNYC will be the front line of defense for your entire network, including satellite offices, from the network all the way down to each device on the network.
  • Protect Your Customers - Your clients will appreciate knowing that there’s no need to worry about data security.
  • Don’t Wait Long for Recovery - In the event of any kind of crisis, our business continuity plans and disaster recovery options get your business back up and running quickly.

Cloud Computing Security and Support Services

ITS NYC is a technology company that offers 24/7 monitoring, proactive health checks to identify potential problems before they occur; process optimization; business continuity planning; and disaster.

Take the office on the go. With our program Your Office Without Walls, you and your staff can work from anywhere and never miss a beat! But we don't just stop there. We offer a secure and consistent experience for you and your team, regardless of where or how you choose to work.