IT Services Customer LoyaltyA strong relationship with customers is crucial for any business owner to be successful. Positive customer experiences and trust are two key elements to this relationship. These will allow you to attract new customers as well as loyal or repeat customers.

Data breaches are a major threat to customers' trust and confidence as businesses increasingly rely on computers for different functions. You must ensure that your IT system is secure from security threats. These incidents can cause you and your customers to lose faith in your company.

Cloud-based Systems can help you scale up your IT infrastructure

  • Operational teams need to be able to identify and stop security threats.
  • Real-time visibility of what is happening in your company or organization. Real-time visibility can only be achieved by increasing the size of your IT network.
  • Cloud-based systems are a great way to scale up your network. All members of your organization will be able to keep track of all developments as they occur. Cloud-based tools allow members and teams to share operational data even when they're not in the office.
  • If anything requires immediate attention, members and teams can respond promptly. They can do this regardless of their location in the world. Your IT manager can access everything through the cloud and assess the situation from anywhere.

How trustworthy you are in your IT network

Data breaches can cause data loss and disruption to your business operations. Your IT infrastructure and security team will determine how quickly you can resolve security problems. This will reflect the care and diligence you have put into scaling up your network.

Customers could lose faith in you and your ability to deliver the services that they have paid for. They could also see your commitment to them.

The bottom line: Customers who lose trust in their suppliers result in lost revenues

If you don't scale up your IT network, customers can be lost. If your IT team cannot respond quickly to a security breach or other issue, it can reflect poorly on your entire organization. Customers will lose trust in you, and they will view you as unworthy of their business. Revenues would be lost if customers pulled out. It would also affect your ability to attract new customers.

The team at Integrated Technology Systems is here to help you keep loyal customers. We can support your IT team or act as your in-house support. Contact us today for a complete security audit.

Reducing the risk of email compromise attacks against businesses

email attackSince the early 1990s, email threats have been around. Phishing techniques are now more sophisticated than ever. Business email compromise (BEC) is one of the most lucrative and successful tactics. Between July 2019 and December 2020, more than $43 billion was stolen from businesses around the world by BEC scams. Ransomware is more lucrative than BEC scams, which are used by threat actors to make money.

It is not enough to just have an email security system in place. These malicious attacks can be devastating for business owners. Here are some tips to help you understand BEC scams, and how you can protect your company.

What is Business Email Compromise?

BEC can also be in spear phishing. Threat actors will pose as someone in the victim's network. This could be a colleague, boss, or vendor. They will make the victim feel comfortable and then ask for urgent information. They are usually looking for financial or personal information. They will tell you that failure to complete the task on time will result in severe consequences for your company.

BEC can also take the form of malware attacks. Malware can be used to access sensitive data and spy on victims' emails. Spoofing is another BEC technique. Scammers can use an email account that is almost identical to a trusted address to extract information from their target.

How can business owners fight against email compromise?

BEC is a threat to every business. There are however ways to reduce the risk, such as the following:

Increase awareness among your employees

BEC scammers only succeed if they gain the trust of employees. Your team should be able to recognize the signs of a BEC attack. Urgent requests for sensitive data should be avoided. If financial information is involved, they should be extra cautious.

You can also invest in security training or phishing simulations. This will ensure that your employees are aware of what to do when faced with dangerous situations. It is also a good idea to make it a habit to ensure that your employees adhere to safety protocols.

Multi-Factor Authentication Boosts Security

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your employees' email accounts. It will request additional information, such as a thumbprint or authentication code. This way, fraudsters can't access private information.

Automated tools can speed up incident response time

BEC scams are still possible even with increased security for inboxes. Automation tools are a great help. If they detect threats in emails, they can immediately alert you. This will allow you to respond quickly and prevent any further damage.

The bottom line

Your email security must be updated as BEC scams become more common. Failure to follow the right practices could have disastrous consequences for your company. This can lead to huge losses and a significant impact on your bottom line. You might lose their trust if the attack involves customers and vendors as we discussed above.

The team at Integrated Technology Systems can provide training and support for your employees. We are only a phone call away when you are ready to be more secure.

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