Phishing ScamHackers can steal sensitive personal information by creating fake websites and sending out phishing emails. Private information, such as your credit card number, could be compromised if you fall for a scam. There are several ways to protect yourself against hackers, which is great news.

How do hackers scam people?

When hackers get the email addresses of employees, they can send them phishing emails. This is done to trick the employees into divulging personal information. Hackers are usually after money. They will ask the person with whom they communicate to give them information on their bank or credit card.

You need to act quickly to prevent identity theft if you fall for the scam. Your sensitive information will be at risk.

How to Protect yourself from Phishing Scams

The most common cyber attack on businesses is phishing. In a phishing message, the hacker pretends to be someone trusted, such as a bank employee or colleague, in order to trick the recipient into providing sensitive information.

Stay safe from phishing scams by following these tips.

How to Spot a Phishing E-mail

Most phishing emails contain similar elements. Watch out for the following elements that are commonly found in phishing email:

  • Greetings not expected
  • Email messages demanding urgent action
  • There are many typos, grammatical mistakes and other errors in the content.
  • Strange emails asking for login credentials and payment information
  • Unknown attachments using files such, SCR, or.exe

Do not open attachments or links in an email that you suspect may be malicious. Report the email to a professional IT who can help mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

Set up Email Filters

Hackers are constantly looking for ways to bypass the spam filter to get their emails into your inbox. Set up email filters that protect you against scams. For example, block the sender of emails or flag emails with unusual attachments.

Take regular data backups

Backup your data regularly to a cloud service or hard drive. It's a good idea to backup your mobile data if you use your phone for business. You can then access your data, even if the device you're using is compromised.

Install Security Software

Use antivirus or security software to protect yourself against cyber threats and hackers. You should program your software to automatically update so that it can actively protect you from any new threats.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to safeguard your account from phishing scams. This includes your email and other sensitive accounts like your login for your bank website. Your account will be more secure as it requires another verification method besides the password. It can be an one-time passcode or PIN for verification, or the correct answer to a question of security.

Hire a Professional IT Team

The best way to protect your employees and company data is to hire an IT team like Integrated Technology Systems. We will do an assessment of your exposure and create a plan to meet your needs and budget.  Call us today for help 212-750-5420.

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