API ProtocolsAre you concerned about the rise in cyberattacks targeting businesses through APIs? Continue reading to discover essential insights into API attacks and effective protection strategies.

Understanding APIs

An API, or Application Programming Interface, facilitates communication between two or more software programs. It acts similarly to a user interface, which bridges interaction between humans and software, but APIs operate between programs themselves.

APIs function by transferring data between software systems—one program sends a request and another returns the needed information via the same pathway.

Vulnerabilities in Business APIs

What are the vulnerabilities in APIs and how can businesses safeguard against them? The primary danger lies in the potential exposure of sensitive data that should be secured, including:

  • Passwords
  • Financial details
  • Medical records

Unsecured APIs provide an opportunity for cybercriminals to intercept this data.

The Increase in API-Related Cyberattacks

The prevalence of API attacks is climbing, impacting companies of all sizes. In 2023, API breaches accounted for 27% of all cyber infiltrations, marking a 10% increase from the previous year. These attacks often aim to takeover user accounts (ATO) or steal financial data.

Attackers are employing more sophisticated techniques to circumvent API security, making it crucial for businesses to enhance their API development and adopt automated systems responsibly, as these can also increase the risk of breaches.

Strategies to Protect Your Business from API Threats

Here’s how you can fortify your business against API vulnerabilities:

Immediate Action is Crucial

API attacks can occur suddenly and with little warning. Immediate implementation of protective measures can prevent the severe consequences of a breach. Promptly retrain your employees and upgrade your defensive software to mitigate risks.

Enhance Security Measures

Implement robust security tools and procedures such as OAuth or JWT for secure data transmission, which do not rely on passwords. It’s also vital to keep your API key confidential to avoid unintentional public exposure, a common cause of API breaches.


Understanding and mitigating API vulnerabilities is imperative for maintaining your organization's security. Start protecting your business today by prioritizing and updating your security protocols.

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