Technology todayThe technological advances such as big data, AI and the Internet of Things change business operations. You should be aware of these changes if you own a company.

New Digital World

Digitalization has changed the way we do our work. Digital tools are at the forefront of everything, from improving management to improving operations.

Why is this important to you, as a businessman? Technology offers so many possibilities. Now, any business, large or small, has the ability to help their customers in new and innovative ways. The possibilities are endless, whether it's by using AI-driven tools or data analytics to predict customer behavior.

Why Change is Good

Change can be frightening. Businesses have always found ways to adapt. Remember when email revolutionized communication? Another pivotal moment is upon us.

This change was accelerated by the pandemic. Companies everywhere turned to technology as they had fewer face-to face meetings. Guess what? Many people did well and reached many people.

Leveraging Technology to Grow

Geographic Expansion: Do you plan to expand into a new area? Digital tools can break down barriers. Online platforms allow you to reach audiences worldwide without the usual physical barriers.

Boosting efficiency: If you want to increase your efficiency, technology can help. The days of unplanned bottlenecks are over. With digital transformation, processes get streamlined. It means quicker turnarounds and a greater focus on tasks of high priority.

Understanding customers: Using data and tools such as AI, you can better understand what your clients like and want. You can then offer your customers exactly what they want.

Digital tools are a great way to save money. Online ads, for example, may be more cost-effective and efficient than traditional advertising methods.

Technology can help you keep your business information safe. There are many ways to protect your company from those who would steal sensitive information.

How can you begin using technology?

Ask the Right Questions. What information do you need to learn about your clients? Which operations can be made more efficient? Start by identifying your needs.

Gather and organize data: Take inventory of the data within your company. When analyzed, this information can provide actionable insights. Consider external data sources to get a holistic view.

Strategic Analytics: Create a strategy for decoding this information. Your data can open many doors, from predicting trends to understanding the preferences of your customers.

People first: Technology is important, but your employees are just as vital. Make sure they're a part this digital journey. They should be trained, given feedback and made comfortable with the new tools.

Stepping into the Future

It's more than just buying the latest software or hardware. It's all about using them to improve your work processes, help customers and increase financial success. Those who are adept at using technology in business will do well. Plan for a future filled with tech for your business. Take the time to assess where you are.

Integrated Technology Systems is here to help you navigate this brave new technology world. Staying current can be a daunting task for your IT team. We work along side your staff to help you stay current and keep your data safe.

The threat actors are using fake AI to steal business data

Facebook adsSoftware with artificial intelligence is in high demand by many business owners for its productivity features. Hackers exploit this by using digital marketing tools to gather business data and publishing targeted Facebook ads. Find out more about the fake AI Facebook ads that steal business data.

Advertisements Promise What?

Trend Micro published a report on how cybercriminals create and publish Facebook profiles for fake software and marketing companies. Then, they create and publish advertisements using these convincing business profiles. These ads promote AI products such as large-scale learning language models that promise to boost revenue and marketing success.

These software products claim to be using Google's Bard chatbot and Meta AI, another software. Meta AI is either not available or hasn't been launched publicly yet, even though Google made Bard accessible in the U.S. The ads were filled with extensive copy and false percentages and figures, as well as branded images.

Fake AI ads on Facebook steal business data

Fake ads are aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who use AI or similar software to improve productivity and workflow. How do these fake AI ads that steal business data actually work? Learn more about the process.

Phase 1: Targeted Ad Appearance

Facebook's advertising platform allows marketers to create ads that are highly targeted based on Facebook’s algorithm. You may find ads for the same product or products similar to what you searched for on another site in your Facebook feed if you have done a search on that website. This feature is used by threat actors to make sure their fake ads are displayed in the feed of their target audience.

Phase 2: Business Rep clicks on Ad

Even the most cautious of business owners are tempted by convincing ads and marketing statistics that promise sales. The business representative clicks on the ad. The business representative then navigates to a landing on the Google website. This page has a button for downloading.

Clicking on the button to download the software is a common practice for business owners and representatives. They are anticipating the AI-powered software that will be available at the end. The victim's device will be served the software by a cloud storage app such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Phase 3: Malware download begins

The downloader is given a numerical password to enter. This password allows the software to bypass the security measures of the device. The victim opens the software using the packaged installer.

The installer, however, delivers malware instead of the groundbreaking AI software that was anticipated. The device reboots to complete the installation. The malware will collect data and send it to its master. This allows them to track any preloaded money on Facebook and to use tokens and cookies to do so.

What to do to avoid threats

You can protect your business against fake AI Facebook ads that steal business data by following these tips, even though Facebook has taken steps to prevent hackers' efforts:

  • The fake AI ads that steal business data make unbelievable claims about the product. Products that sound too good to true are usually not.
  • Do your research on the featured products. Red flags are products with limited releases or no releases.
  • Download only products that have complex passwords or keys.

Training your employees is key to keeping your company data safe. Integrated Technology Systems has the expertise to properly train your employees to recognize these threats. Call us today.

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