cloud computingCloud computing is becoming more popular as technology advances. More businesses are using cloud services to host their software and web infrastructure. It eliminates the need to have on-site IT infrastructure, and allows businesses to enjoy the freedom of using IT infrastructure over the Internet at lower costs. Learn how cloud services will benefit your business, and how to choose the best one.

Cloud Service Model vs. In-House Servers

Cloud computing is an innovative way to store software and data, particularly for businesses dealing with ecommerce, telehealth communications, and elearning.

You can manage your applications by purchasing and storing physical servers locally. It can be challenging to manage your IT infrastructure if you're not familiar with the technology or don't have enough staff on hand.

Cloud computing is a service that allows you to store your software and data on a provider's servers. They have a robust backup system so you don't lose time if anything goes wrong. Cloud service providers fix bugs, keep systems up-to-date, and monitor your software.

Migration to the cloud can be a cost-saving measure, as you only pay for what you use. You can also scale up or down the resources according to your business requirements.

Popular Cloud Service Models

There are many different cloud computing models. This can make it confusing. Understanding cloud service models can help you decide which model is right for your business.


Platform as a Service systems (PaaS), provide a flexible platform for developing and managing your apps. This platform is delivered by a third-party provider to your developers. They can then build custom apps, networks and more. Cloud providers secure the platform so that you won't need to worry about losing data, and they can also increase your productivity.

This model is ideal for companies with many vendors and developers, since developers need only write code to manage and run the apps.


Infrastructure as a Service models (Iaas), including storage and networks, take care of your entire business's technology infrastructure. This flexible model allows you to scale up or down your resources depending on the workload. You can access computing resources easily without having to buy servers physically.

software as a serviceSaaS

Software as a Service models (Saas), give you web-based access to popular software applications. SaaS is managed and maintained by a cloud service provider, so there's no need to install software and applications on your existing computing infrastructure. This model allows your business to save money up front because it eliminates the requirement for physical hardware.

After you pay your licensing fee to the provider, all users in your organization will be able to access the software from any device connected to the Internet. This software is available almost immediately.

How to Choose a Cloud Computing Service Provider for your Business

Keep researching and trying out different cloud service models until you find one that suits your business. Cloud service providers such as Integrated Technology Systems can assist with the research. Their experience will help you make the right decision for your business.

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