optimize websiteYou have now created the website for your company. This is a great achievement and a significant milestone. Your work is only the beginning. You will need some help if you want anyone to find you among all the millions of websites that make up the internet.

Optimizing your site for SEO is the best and most important thing you can do to make it stand out.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines were not very smart a long time ago. Site owners used "keyword stuffing" to get away with using the same key phrase or keyword up to 100 times on a web page. This allowed them to make a point and be a bit more persuasive.

Search engines had a dim view and the phenomenon was short-lived.

Search engines have become much more sophisticated. Search engines can scan through your content to understand what each page is about.

It is important to remember that each search engine has a unique algorithm. This means that optimization strategies for each one will differ. Google being the most popular search engine, people often refer to Search Engine Optimization.

You're in luck if you use WordPress as your content management system as we do at Integrated Technology Systems.

WordPress offers tons of plugins to help you optimize your website for Google. These plugins will guide you through the process and help you to use meta tags and titles. These tags and titles help web crawlers to understand your site.

If you don't use an SMS, you will need to validate your HTML manually. This can be a tedious process but it is well worth it.

Another important thing to do is ensure that your website's structure and navigation are clear and simple for humans to understand.

Your website will not be found by web crawlers or humans if it is just a collection of pages that aren't interlinked well. It is likely that neither of them will spend too much time searching. Organization is the key to success!

Make sure that your content is easily readable by humans.

LSI is a shorthand for Latent Semantic Indexing. It's used by all major search engines. This is a fancy way to say that web crawlers will "know", if your site is about Apple products, that the search results won't appear when someone searches for another topic. Because the person is likely looking for recipes, your site won't show up in search results for Apple Recipes.

SEO optimization can be a complex topic, but it is very intuitive. You want your content to be well-organized, clearly labeled and easy to find. There are several companies that can help you with optimizing your website. We recommend Business Training Team.

Modern Security Solutions to Evolve Ransomware Attacks

ransomwareAccording to a survey by Titaniam, the majority of organizations have strong security measures in place. Nearly 40% of these organizations have been affected by ransomware attacks in the last year.

How is this possible? How can this be possible when conventional tools are in place?

This question has a complex answer. Ransomware attacks have three phases. Each phase needs to be protected and the protection required varies for each case. Let's take a look at the anatomy and consequences of typical ransomware attacks. They all begin in the same way:


Hackers must first gain access to your network in order to do any damage to your company's network. Your first line of defense is keeping that from happening.

Good news is that many companies have strong tools that specifically target unauthorized intruders. Hackers can steal login credentials of employees to bypass these tools. This is how these attacks are carried out. Once they are inside, hackers begin data exfiltration. The hackers will wholesale copy sensitive data and then upload it to a command-and control server.

This is the place hackers see the biggest payday. Hackers know that companies will pay handsomely for proprietary data to be kept from the wider public.

This is the area where many businesses are weak. Companies need to invest in three types of encryption to protect data from being stolen. There are three types of encryption:

  • encryption at rest
  • encryption during transit
  • encryption in use

The majority of companies only invest in one. While a few companies invest in more than one, the majority of them only invest in one. This opens up a world of opportunities for attackers.

The third stage is wholesale file lock.

This works exactly as you imagine. All files that malicious code can access will be encrypted and locked. You must pay to get them back. It is assumed that you don't have any recent backups. Even if you have a backup, it will cost you downtime while you restore those files.

It is crucial to understand how ransomware attacks work and what it looks like. This will allow you to design a security program that will stop them from ever getting a foothold in your network. Integrated Technology Systems has the experience needed to design a plan to protect you from attack.

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