Cybersecurity threats

network securityCriminals are making a lot of effort to infiltrate corporate networks. They can then steal data and disrupt operations. Ransomware attacks are a common method they use to do this.

Ransomware is a malicious program which "kidnaps" files on infected computers. Cybercriminals demand that the owner pay for or take other actions. They will delete your data if you don't comply within the timeframe.

Imagine losing years worth of files. This can have a huge impact on any company. You could also lose customer data, which could lead to a lawsuit.

How criminals infiltrate networks

Hacking networks and computers isn't like the movies, where hackers type code and gain access from faraway. They must establish a connection. For this, they use malware and viruses.

There are many ways viruses can enter a network. Malicious emails could be sent by criminals with malicious links. Once the link is clicked, the malware is downloaded onto the victim's system. It is possible to also get viruses by visiting untrusted websites.

Social engineering is a more sophisticated approach. Criminals would target potential targets in a company and then contact them via email or telephone to request that they perform the action they desire.

Cybersecurity threats can be protected

Multiple layers of cyberattack protection are essential for businesses. Your defenses should be resilient to cybercriminals.

Here are some options:

  • For your network, install a security program.
  • Strong passwords are essential everywhere.
  • Encryption is used to secure data storage
  • Protect company devices such as laptops and mobile phone.
  • Keep your devices updated.

People need to let their guard down in order to avoid most attacks. Continuous training is a must to keep employees current on suspicious activities and potential threats.

Security experts can be consulted to help you establish comprehensive network security. This is essential to protect your business from the latest cyber threats.

Patients Affected in California Hospital Ransomware Attack

ransomware hospitalsOn Dec. 1, 2022 ransomware attacked over three million patients. California's Heritage Provider Network has affected multiple medical groups.

Understanding Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious program that infects computers and data systems. It is designed to find sensitive files and block users from accessing them. The message then asks the user to pay a certain amount or take a specific action. The perpetrators will delete files if the victims fail to comply with the demands. This is how the program got its name.

Ransomware can cause two problems for businesses. Ransomware causes businesses to lose access to important files and other information that is necessary to run their business. It also affects customer data and can lead to it falling into the wrong hands. This opens up a whole new world of legal issues that could lead to multiple legal actions, putting the company in danger.

What was Stolen?

Cybersecurity experts have discovered that the following patient data were compromised in the attack.

  • Patient name
  • Social security numbers
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Treatment and medical diagnosis
  • Test results from the laboratory
  • Prescription
  • Member number for a health plan

This means that cybercriminals have a high likelihood of obtaining all the critical information. They can then sell the stolen data to others or use it for their fraud campaigns.

Ransomware and its effects on businesses

Customers give their personal data to companies and organizations that will perform a service. The recipient must protect the data and allow access only to those who require it.

Customers would lose faith in a company that has lost their data, and this could lead to legal action. It is a sign of incompetence and lack of care. It damages the trust between the company and its customers.

Defending Against Ransomware

To avoid similar situations, businesses should adopt guidelines for dealing with cybersecurity threats. Many cyber threats exist on the internet and are constantly evolving. Employee training is essential to identify malicious programs and keep them from being used.

To protect themselves against possible threats, companies should invest in security networks and software. Secure encryption is used to protect sensitive data.

Ransomware can be very damaging for any company. They can protect themselves against cybercriminals by taking the necessary steps. One of those steps is to call  Integrated Technology Systems for a complete security analysis. You will be glad you did.

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