security managementCyberattacks can happen when you least expect it. Real-time cybersecurity defenses are a great way to protect digital assets and your business.

What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

SIEM is an application that is all for keeping your data safe. Various features are included in many products, including:

  • Cloud storage for past and current security reports
  • Real-time reporting of security and risk
  • Metric Analysis
  • Alerts sent automatically when threats are detected

SIEM tools give you a comprehensive picture of the cybersecurity in your company. It allows your IT team the ability to act quickly when faced with a digital threat.

SIEM: Its advantages

Many business owners do not use SIEM because they believe their IT team and other security measures are sufficient. The truth is, both options provide different levels of protection, threat predictions, and logging compared to SIEM. SIEM can be used to improve cybersecurity in real time.

Fewer Breach Risks:

Leaks in the plumbing system are similar to data breaches. Data breaches can damage the reputation of a business and harm its structure. They also put workers and customers at risk.

SIEM is always running. It will notify your IT team if it detects a potential threat. They can fix the problem immediately.

Improved Visibility

SIEM is a system of cameras that monitors your home or business. It will show you how your system is configured. You can prevent further damage even if the threat is real.

Cost-Effective security management:

SIEM is a software that has many functions and works at a central level. SIEM is a better investment than other security solutions. Long-term, this saves you money. The resources that are left can be used in other ways.

Choose SIEM

How can you choose the best SIEM for your business? Like other software purchases, selecting SIEM involves planning and experimenting.

Set a budget:

What is the maximum amount you can spend on SIEM products? More features can be purchased with a larger budget. Most products come in adaptable packaging that allows users to add and remove components as required.

Identify your needs:

What areas of your cybersecurity needs to be improved in order to protect your business? You may have an IT team that is capable of conducting patrols during office hours. You still need to have a product that can handle security after business hours. A SIEM that is ideal will report on security 24/7.

Search Features and Price:

Find service packages with features that are urgently required at a reasonable price. Check if the services offer free packages or basic ones.

The top threats to businesses

security threatsSoftware bugs are used by hackers to steal sensitive information and gain control of your system. This can disrupt your business and cause you to lose profits.

You need to be aware of any potential threats in order to protect your business. Use the CWE to help you create better safety protocols, and decide where to focus security testing.

Here are the top five threats.

  • Out-of bounds Write may cause data to be altered, a system crash or harmful code to run.
  • Cross-site scripting can be used to alter web pages or spread harmful content.
  • SQL Injection is a tool that can alter or steal data. This could result in data being lost, damaged or exposed.
  • Use After Free may cause a program crash, execute any code or even take control of a system.
  • OS Command Injection is a tool that can be used to execute any command, resulting in data theft or control of the system.

Creating a safe environment

It is important that everyone in your company understands the importance of keeping your systems secure. Your team should be educated on the dangers associated with these bugs, and the importance to use safe coding techniques. To keep your system secure, you need to perform regular software updates and security tests.

How to stay safe in a world of increasing cyber threats

The list of the top software threats should inform, prepare and not scare. This list shows the importance of being on guard for cyber threats. The best defense includes the following:

  • Avoiding threats before they occur
  • Update your system
  • Regularly train your team in cybersecurity

Keep in mind that protecting your business from cyber-attacks is a continuous process. Integrated Technology Systems is here to help. We can assess your current system and make recommendations for safe and secure upgrades. Call us today.

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