data protectionUnauthorized data access is one of the greatest threats to businesses today. Hackers can steal data in many different ways. You must make it as difficult as possible for hackers to steal valuable data.

Tips to make data protection more robust and simple.

Always-on Encrypted backups

To protect your business against ransomware, you should always keep your data encrypted and data backups are current. The backups are designed to make it difficult for hackers read your data. These backups also provide a safety net in case of a problem.

Zero Trust Framework

Zero Trust Framework is a data security strategy. This means that you do not trust anyone, including those in your own network. Everybody has to prove that they are entitled to access your data. It makes your data more secure because less people have access to it.

Regular Policy Review

You should always be looking for ways to improve data security. Meeting regularly to discuss policies is one way to achieve this. This allows you to see what is working and what is not. You can also improve. It keeps your cybersecurity flexible and ready to respond quickly to new threats.

Strengthening Your Data Security

There are other simple but effective ways to improve the data security of your company. There are several simple and effective ways to improve your company's data security.

  • Employee Training: Continue educating your staff about online dangers. Included are phishing emails and links that could be dangerous. When it comes to data protection, knowledge is power.
  • Virtual Private Networks: They protect your data even if you are not at work. Imagine it as a cloak of invisibility for your data.
  • Plan against Breaches: Being prepared is essential. Be prepared for a breach of data. A plan of action will make it easier to respond to threats.
  • Establishing Remote Work Policies: Create rules to protect your data while your team works remotely. This is like having a home security system.
  • Two-Factor authentication: Your data is secure with two-factor authentication. This is like a double lock system for your data.
  • Passwords should be your first line defense. Make sure that everyone in your business knows how to create a strong password.
  • Separate work and personal usage. Data sharing is only allowed on company devices. You can think of it as having separate spaces for work and home.
  • Updating Software: Regularly upgrading software is similar to maintaining a strong, unbroken fence surrounding your data.

Keep your business safe by keeping data secure

Data security is more than just protecting data. Data security is about protecting your business. Unauthorized access to data can cause financial losses and harm your reputation. These strategies will make your data security robust and simple. Do not wait until a breach occurs. Protect your business now.

A great way to protect your business is to call Integrated Technology Systems today. We can create a plan to keep you and your employees safe.

Technology-Related risks that businesses need to consider

data securityBusiness owners and CEOs should be aware of any risks associated with the digital solutions they choose. You should consider the risks of your business, even if many solutions offer good security to protect customers. When it comes to technology, companies should consider five things.

You are already aware of some of the technology-related risks. To protect your business, you should be aware of these risks and take precautions to deal with any threats.


Businesses should first and foremost have a team who works to reduce risk and accepts responsibility for any errors. This team should find new ways to safeguard the digital assets of the company. This group should help to hold people accountable when a major problem arises by:

  • What caused the problem?
  • Helping to draft public statements on the issue
  • Find and share solutions to the problem

Data loss or Breach

Your business may still lose data or have it stolen, even if you take advanced security measures. People want to see personal or financial information saved in a cloud. The technology that you use to organize and run your business is a data source often overlooked.

You can protect the mindset, knowledge and methods of your business so that this critical information does not reach your competitors. Keep trade secrets and customer and employee information secret is one of the best ways for a business to be successful.

Technical Debt

Many business owners are not concerned about technical debt. It is important to keep in mind that debt repayment is a goal for the long term. Even so, a quick resolution will lead to greater success in the near future. Each month, check to see if your team can fix any problems with your digital infrastructure. It will allow your customers and staff to adapt quickly to the changes and enjoy them while moving your business forward.

Use of Personal Devices

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. Customers and employees will often check their mobile devices. Personal devices are not always equipped with the latest security features to protect your network from malware and other threats.

Consider implementing policies for risk management that will address this. Install a guest network to connect devices.


The oldest technology-related risk that businesses must consider is phishing. Many staff can fall for the sophisticated tricks of a phisher. Phishing is not as obvious anymore. A phishing message can look exactly like a company newsletter.

Update your staff on the latest phishing emails. Some companies offer educational courses that help employees recognize and avoid phishing emails.

Strong Risk Management for Businesses

Keep up to date on these risks and others that businesses should consider. This will help protect your business both now and in the future. Risk management can be improved by taking a more proactive approach and calling Integrated Technology Systems.

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